AMC to issue preferred stock under the ticker symbol ‘APE’
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AMC to issue preferred stock under the ticker symbol ‘APE’

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  1. Just look at all the retail investors deriding Jim Chanos, whom attempted to educate them on what this preferred equity unit really means.
  2. In a reverse stock split, the share count drops and the share price rises.
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It’s all part of the club-like branding that Aron has envisioned for AMC and its investors. The company previously launched exclusive perks for investors like free concessions and NFTs, while Aron is active on Twitter engaging with the dedicated community of retail shareholders. He’s pretty extra there too; Aron tried to get #TodayWePounce trending last night. For now, it looks like the movie theater company has delayed that outcome, thanks to some aggressive moves to stabilize its balance sheet. Investors aren't sold on the strategy, however, and AMC stock has taken a beating.

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CEO Adam Aron has already tried multiple  strategies to appeal to these investors that might not actually care much for the underlying company but want to profit off the extreme market sentiment surrounding it. Releasing the APEs not only references how some of these investors refer to themselves, but also allows the firm to bypass the need to increase the number of common shares. AMC Entertainment appears to have found a creative solution to increase its share count and raise funds after investors abandoned proposals to issue more shares last year.

Prior to that transaction, AMC had not split its stock, either positively or negatively, since it listed on the NYSE in 2013. Although these moves were part of AMC's plan to avoid bankruptcy, investors have not responded well. AMC was trading in the $2 range before the split and went to about $16 just after the split. The stock price then dipped below $11 after the APE conversion. With the lawsuit settled, AMC implemented the APE conversion on August 25, 2023.

I have no idea but will definitely hold my APE shares through the dividend record date to see what happens. As per the official statement, “APE” is the proposed ticker symbol that AMC’s Preferred Equity Unit and will be listed under the ticker $APE on the New York Stock Exchange. Information for this briefing was found via Edgar and the companies mentioned. The author has no securities or affiliations related to this organization. Always do additional research and consult a professional before purchasing a security. Credit Suisse, Roth Mkm, and Citigroup analysts are less positive.

All investments involve the risk of loss and the past performance of a security or a financial product does not guarantee future results or returns. The company expects to pay a dividend of about 517 million APE units later this month. The new class fusion markets review of shares has the same voting rights as existing common stock, the company said in a statement. In a stock split, the share count rises and the share price falls. A 2-for-1 split, for example, doubles the share count and halves the share price.

What to expect from AMC Special Dividend

Both common and preferred shareholders would weigh in equally on the two initiatives, which were bundled into one vote. Since the preferred shares grossly outnumbered the common shares, the vote would go in the direction that favored preferred shareholders—and specifically, Antara Capital. Two key initiatives in the restructure are a reverse stock split and conversion of preferred equity into common stock. Read on to learn the details of these moves and whether they can keep AMC out of bankruptcy going forward.

Who is eligible to receive $APE stock?

Each shareholder received one APE share for every one AMC share they owned. The move was intended to rally support from AMC's meme investor base. The creation of APEs laid the groundwork for AMC to access capital funding, without technically diluting its common shares. The company's prior attempts to issue new common shares had not been well-received by investors. The APE conversion is AMC's move to convert its preferred equity shares into AMC common stock.

In a reverse stock split, the share count drops and the share price rises. A 1-for-10 reverse split like AMC's should slash the share count to 10% and add a zero forex etoro review to the stock price. AMC issued a special preferred shares dividend to shareholders called APE and this article will explain everything you need to know.

The main shareholder complaint is the dilutive effect of the conversion. The company essentially rolled what was formerly 1 billion shares of APE into the AMC share count. While the reverse split blurs the outcomes, higher share counts reduce EPS and lower the ownership percentage represented by each share.

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